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Short version: Stereotypical art, books, cats, plants person. Also oral cancer survivor. Feminist.

I'm always in the mood for a good friending, especially if your passions are for art, music, books and cats. If you're feeling shy, anonymous comments are welcome, though I'm currently screening. Spammers will be placed under an ancient curse.


This is an Adult Content journal, meaning that I'm over 40, er, 50, er if you're under 18, this journal would bore you to tears. There's rarely anything salacious here. Cruelty, arrogance, dogmatism, intolerance and bloody-mindedness offend me. I lean to the left, meaning that in Europe I'd be a social democrat, in the US I'm defined as a sanctimonious purist and a member of the women's studies set.

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absurdism, angel, animal crackers, anxiety, art, art books, art quilts, artist trading cards, assemblage, atc, ats, b&w photography, beads, beethoven, berlioz, billy wilder, bollywood, british bands, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, camus, cancer, cancer support, cancer survivor, caravaggio, cats, chamber music, chardonnay, chemotherapy, chill, classical, collage, container gardening, dada, depression, distributed proofreaders, diy, dreams, early music, fabric, fair use, feminism, films, flaubert, found art, found objects, franz ferdinand, french literature, gardening, georges perec, glam rock, gnosticism, goddesses, goodreads, handbags, hardware stores, haruki murakami, hitchcock, i ching, iggy pop, inanna, india, insanejournal, interior design, interpol, italian, james baldwin, jean dubuffet, joan miro, joe orton, joseph campbell, joseph cornell, joss whedon, joy division, jung, learning french, literature, lucid dreaming, mad men, magritte, man ray, mark rothko, mid-century modern, milhaud, mixed media, modern quilts, morrissey, museums, mythology, nabokov, naomi klein, new order, nietzsche, noir, old roses, oncology, opera, oral cancer, over 50, ovid, paganism, painting, paris, patricia highsmith, patrick mcgrath, paul krugman, polaroids, post-punk, pro-choice, project gutenberg, puccini, punk, purcell, quilts, r&b, radiation therapy, sarah vaughan, schubert, serge gainsbourg, shakespeare, sleepy hollow, sleepyheads, smelling books, soccer, social anxiety, street style, surrealism, sustainability, synchronicity, textiles, the americans, the smiths, time, trip hop, upcycling, urban gardening, vintage, william gibson, zen buddhism