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Answer for question 4486.

What is your most essential household appliance? How difficult would it be for you to live without it? What's one gadget or appliance you'd love to have but don't?
So if the only way I'll update is with a QotD, so be it.

Most essential household appliance? There are two.

1) The refrigerator. Easy to take for granted but when it breaks beyond hope of repair and you have to shop for a new one and stuff the perishables in ice chests and prepare the rest of them fast, fast, fast, while hoping the delivery truck also comes fast, fast, fast. ....

2) Washing machine. Possibly the best labor-saving device ever. I'm grateful at least 3 times a week to have one of my own since laundromats lost their charm when I was about 23. Now, if only there were easier ways to divert the graywater for outdoor usage....

As for an appliance I most want: The house we rent has no dishwasher. We need to have one for the sake of our relationship since he and I do not share a common conception of "clean." (Trust me, I'm not being too picky.)

The arthritis in my hands has gotten a lot worse, so I would appreciate his "effort" if only I didn't have to rewash so much.