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Birthday greetings

A very Happy Birthday to audela, my almost birthday twin. Sorry I'm late since it's already tomorrow where you are, I didn't get in until late!

Hope your day was a happy one. Health, joy and smoochies!!!

BTW I was leafing through Henry Kuttner's The Dark World and saw a character named Freydis and couldn't remember where you got your screenname.


Thanks Cyn and I hope yours is happy with health, joy & smoochies yourself. Mine was quiet, but pleasant. After a certain age, that's a GOOD birthday.

I got freydis from James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth. She was the queen of Audela, the Land Behind the Fire. When I got to LJ, Freydis was already taken, so I went with Audela. Freydis was also the name of Erik the Red's daughter. She's a pretty interesting character herself. I don't think I ever read the Kuttner book, but I hope his Freydis was not a villain


Thought it was Cabell. The impression I got was that Kuttner's Freydis was a very old, powerful and wise witch, so she sounds good.

Agree about quiet and pleasant being good at this age.